Control systems for your industrial application

Micro PLC

Designed as a stand-alone PLC the MICRO CPU stands out because of its modern design, compact size, high performance and high channel density. A new display and operating concept enables the user to see the essential control information of the system at a glance. The result is an up-to-date and functional design that is unique in the world of automation.

With a width of fewer than 72 millimeters, the VIPA MICRO PLC is up to 50% smaller than typical MICRO controllers, offering new solutions and possibilities in regards to performance and space requirements.

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Presenting the completely new developed I/O system SLIO®, VIPA once again sets new standards in the automation industry.

By means of the modular and extremely compact SLIO the realization of almost every automated solution will from now on be simpler and especially more economical. 

SLIO can be combined and applied with each of the established VIPA systems 100V, 200V, 300S, 500S.

It´s one of the most effective and modern decentralized I/O systems available on the market. It combines high functionality with a clever mechanic concept in an extremely compact design.

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300S, powered by SPEED7 makes this system one of the fastest and most efficient, µC based systems worldwide, programmable with WinPLC7 respectively STEP7 or TIA from Siemens. 

The CPUs with SPEED7 technology convince our customers not only with their outstanding speed. The entire reaction and signal processing time can also be increased - if required - with the optional VIPA SPEED bus.

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