Welding / Cutting

Arc Welding

MOTOMAN features special welding robots, high-quality positioners and gantry systems as well as state-of-the-art customer-specific solutions.

The unparalleled multi-robot technology by MOTOMAN, which fully synchronizes up to 8 robots (or up to 72 axes) via a controller, provides many benefits to users: 

Reduced weld distortion, shorter cycle time and programming time and the option for jigless welding, higher efficiency and a very flexible welding system. 

The industrial robots are equipped with an integrated hose package routed through the upper arm and head axes. This not only ensures better access to fixtures but also extends the life of the hose packages considerably.

Two MOTOMAN robots work together with a servo-controlled twin station rotary positioner in the production of wood-burning stoves. Two stoves are loaded into fixtures, whilst at the other side of the positioner the two robots are each welding a stove. The robots and positioner are part of a single robot control system. 


  • A massive increase in productivity due to the twin robot, twin station positioner cell concept
  • Improved and consistent quality
  • Reduced dependence on manual labor

A 165 kg Yaskawa MOTOMAN robot with an integrated wiring harness is welding an automotive assembly. 


  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced dependence on manual labour

Spot Welding

When spot welding requires a welding gun with a power pack, which can weigh over 100 kg, it's time to call in the industrial robots that excel particularly well at this task.

For high volume manufacturers who need to perform thousands of spot welds per shift, welding cycle time is critical. A Motoman spot welding robot can position the welding gun with extreme accuracy and speed, shaving off critical seconds in the welding cycle time and thus increasing productivity. 

The ES series Motoman robots are specifically designed to deliver unmatched performance and reliability in complex spot welding applications.


Robots are the perfect choice for many cutting applications. Whether laser, plasma or water jet cutting, these processes make it possible to cut the complex contours of a wide variety of parts, providing a highly flexible operation.

The robot system's excellent accuracy and path following capabilities provide consistently accurate results in 3D, with greater flexibility than found in many other cutting machines. A single MOTOMAN robot system can also be used for several tasks such as cutting, welding and post-processing, which reduces the overall cycle time and quickly increases productivity.

This MOTOMAN robot is feeding timber planks through a band saw during the guitar body manufacturing process. 


  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced dependence on manual labor
  • Creates a safer working environment