Human-Collaborative Robot

The human-collaborative robot MOTOMAN HC10 provides 6 axes and a payload of 10 kg.

Power and Force Limit technology assures the operators safety by stopping the robot in case of contact.


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Dual-arm robots

To achieve human-like flexibility in fully automated assembly processes, dual-arm robots have  15 axes. This is the best way to reproduce the human arm and shoulder region and makes assembly processes faster and more precise.

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Lightweight construction and energy efficiency

Ever lighter and more energy efficient robots make it possible to increase efficiency and thus add greater value even in the case of applications for small and medium batch sizes. The development of lightweight grippers and lightweight spot welding guns is helping considerably to reduce energy consumption and costs in the overall system. We have perfected increased energy efficiency through efficient programming and optimisation of processes.

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Cooperation between man and machine

Operators and robots work hand in hand—all for the sake of humans. The robot itself takes on the task of work safety. Safety systems such as safety fences, guards and safety monitoring sensors that separate personnel from hazards are no longer required. This relieves personnel from having to perform frequently recurring and particularly strenuous tasks, whilst the quality of the work steps continues to remain consistent.