Engineering Software Speed7 Studio

The new intelligence of the hardware configuration, the intuitive user interface and the system openness makes SPEED7 Studio a powerful and easy to handle tool. We want to optimize automation tasks, reduce the development effort to a minimum, and avoid time and cost intensive software training. This allows the user to concentrate on his own engineering tasks. SPEED7 Studio consistently puts the emphasis on user friendliness. The new concept includes Hardware configuration, Programming and networking, Parametrization of frequency converters and drives and Visualization.

In the SPEED7 Studio editor design all functions, features and libraries are prepared and monitored automatically. Unique SPEED7 tools make the soft- ware attractive and efficient. High-Speed applications are compiled more ergonomically in the SPEED-Bus functions. EtherCAT and other fieldbusses are fully integrated. Applications are projected quickly and safely, loaded automatically and named with common symbolism in the EtherCAT configurator. Integrated SLIO functionalities, such as automatic current consumption calculation and integrated process image calculation makes SPEED7 Studio a highly efficient tool that holistically integrates the products of the SPEED7 world.

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Analyse Tools - WinPLC-Analyzer & SPS Analyzer


  • Data registration via MPI-/Profibus-DP or AS511-interface
  • Recording of PLC signals (E, A, M, T, Z, D)
  • Cycle-specific recording without changes in the PLC programme
  • Display of bit, byte, word and double word, display of byte operands in hexadecimals and display of double words in floating point format
  • Convenient comparison functions of signals
  • Clear time-measuring functions
  • Marking possibilities within the signal

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Programming Software - WinPLC7


Programming in AWL, FUP and KOP
Integrated PLC program analyzer
Integrated software PLC for offline simulations
Graphics hardware illustration and simulation
Import and export of S7® programmes from Siemens
Online connections via MPI-adapter, Ethernet, TCP/IP and VIPA "Green Cable"
Display of face plan, programme structure and cross-reference list
Automatic insertion of symbols, parameters and DB-variables for programming
Profibus-DP configuration for Siemens and VIPA controllers
Configuration of TCP connections for VIPA controllers with Ethernet function

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Kommunikationssoftware - OPC-server

OPC-serveren udgør standardgrænsefladen for dataadgang fra OPC-klienter til PLC-systemer fra forskellige producenter.

OPC-serveren understøtter TCP/IP-netværk via standard netværkskort samt MPI netværk, der har en eller flere COM-porte, en MPI-seriel omformer og/eller er tilsluttet via VIPA MPI-USB adapter.

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